Model CPU Video Encoder Video Decoder Video Display AI Power DDR Download
MC6880 1.3GHz 4xFHD30fps 24xFHD@30fps 4K 4T External
MC6870 1.5GHz 4xFHD30fps 32xFHD@30fps 8K CPU External
MC6850 1.5GHz 2xFHD30fps 8xFHD@30fps 4K 0.5T External
MC6830 1.3GHz 1xFHD30fps 5xFHD30fps 4K 0.5T External
MC6810 1GHz 4xFHD30fps 4K CPU External
MC6810E 1GHz 4xFHD30fps 4K CPU Internal 256MB

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